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Introduction to Steps To Maths - Mastery

Using the Website - The Junior Cert Maths Course

  • What is Steps To Maths?
    • To learn we need high quality instruction . Steps To Maths Basic Subscription gives you FREE access to the workbooks in the library. You can review any topic that you have difficulty understanding and print out questions that you can practise. It will help you to gain a good understanding of any topics that you have difficulty with.
    • We need to train and we need to revise. Steps To Maths Workbooks are a full set of topics available with the Basic Subscription. With the Gold Subscription you will also have access to automatically corrected question sets for you to fully understand what you are working on as well as scheduled revision to ensure that you keep all the knowledge you worked so hard for.
    • We need guidance and motivation Steps To Maths Courses is a day by day guided course focused on mastery.
    • The 3 subscriptions above are also described here
  • What courses do you have available?
    • The Junior Cert course will be available from Sunday the 2nd of September 2018 and runs with the school year.
    • The Leaving Cert course and Applied maths courses are being developed.
  • Why do you say you are focused on mastery?
    • The concept is important to set your expectations and help with your motivation.
    • The idea here is to understand that the efforts you make doing the right work, with the right guidance, with the right expectations, will be worthwhile.
    • I recommend that you read the book "Mastery" by George Leonard, and "Talent is Overrated" by Geoff Colvin to further understand this.
  • Why is there a PastPapers page?
    • I created this resource because the official department page is not user friendly. I needed this page for myself and hope you find it useful too.
  • The Topic Content is hard to read?
    • The books were designed as workbooks rather than books. If you click on the "Table of Contents" or the "View Progress" buttons it may help you see better. A design solution is being worked on.